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The history of the magazine begins in 2020 (although the idea originated in 2019), then it was born in the form of an electronic newspaper DEMO GOG, with the prospect of further printing on paper. Initially, this newspaper was planned as a student media, but during the evolutionary process, after 20 issues, it changed its subject and audience, and in the fall of 2020, the newspaper acquired the appearance of a magazine with a branded cover, which has reached today almost unchanged. The key moment was the merger with the Life Line magazine, which had previously been published by the charity foundation Every Child's Life Line (ECLF). Since then, the main topics of the magazine have become not only creativity and literature, but also charity. The main changes were the change of the subject to literary and creative and the removal of age (everyone, not just students) and territorial (not only Russia, but all countries of the world) restrictions for the participants of the magazine.
Today, Humanity magazine is a unique English-language media that is distributed worldwide and is available in any country when purchased from the online store of the Ukiyoto publishing house. Each issue of the magazine takes place with the participation of the Russian, Vietnamese and Serbian Writers' Unions. Also, each issue of the magazine is accompanied by articles from the Life Line Foundation (ECLF) and the Poetry Clinic rubric. The standard volume is 90 pages. The magazine presents all continents in the form of separate headings and thus each issue of the magazine covers the whole world!
The magazine constantly continues to develop, works on connecting and publishing new authors, establishes communication and friendly relations between poets from all over the world and strives to increase circulation.


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