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Across the Philippine archipelago are countless stories of innovation, brilliance, and curiosity. From highly respected National Scientists to unsung science heroes working silently and tirelessly, there is no shortage of individuals in the Philippines who find ways to use their expertise to solve longstanding mysteries, protect the environment, improve their community’s way of life, educate the public, and inspire budding scientists to follow in their footsteps.  Here’s a sampling of the best Pinoy scientist features and profiles published on FlipScience.ph, in an easily accessible format that everyone, anywhere can enjoy and draw inspiration from. Read the tragic tale of the Ilonggo doctor who discovered a life-saving drug, the amazing achievements of a heroic Filipina chemist, the awe-inspiring accounts of two remarkable young physicists, the shocking story of a man whose research changed four industries, and more.   Now more than ever, it’s time to shine the spotlight on Pinoy scientists of the past, present, and future. 

Istoryang Siyentipiko

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