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Iziaq, S. OLAWALE is an entrepreneur, founder at OLAWALE'S MINDgineering SOLUTION, a personal development training and business support/development organization that provides kits and tools that trigger growth for entrepreneurs.

He has helped hundreds of youths and tens of entrepreneurs to make quantum leaps in their career and businesses.


Olawale is a mentor to writers and expert book marketing strategy. He is the host of Lagos Goals Setting Conference (LAGSEC), an annual conference that holds at the prestigious National Stadium, Surulere, Lagos which is put together to help people, especially youths to become equipped and contributing members in the process of re-engineering Nigeria into becoming a better nation.


He writes entrepreneurship/personal growth column for ECHOAFRICA MAGAZINE, an international magazine written in English, French, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Swahili, and Amharic which is sold in some African and European countries as well as the USA. and beyond.

Olawale has appeared on several radio stations within the country which includes Top radio, Royal FM, Wigradio, Unilag Fm among others.


He has authored a couple of life-changing books which include “The Uncommon Greatness Guide, Positive thinking generates wealth, The power of positive stubbornness, The maximum achievement spectrum, 303 Silent seminars” among others.


Olawale has written over 600 life-changing quotes and sayings in the area of leadership, entrepreneurship, motivation, inspiration, growth, national development and knowledge, over 350 of which are showing on BRT TV daily. He has been honoured as a guest speaker on NTA Channel 5, STV and LTV8. He is the first Nigerian author to have his work shown on BRT TV daily.


He aspires to start his show “Business Show with Olawale” on Television/Radio in the nearest future, where strategies, motivation and ideas that can help businesses and people succeed exponentially will be discussed.

Olawale is so passionate about helping people reach their greatest potential. He is a mentor to many, both old and young folks. He loves to connect with people.


Awards and Recognitions


Award of Credence, National Association of Nigerian Students (N.A.N.S). 2015


Magazine recognition - EchoAfrica Magazine, Ethiopia 2015

Magazine recognition - Stride magazine, Nigeria 2016


First Nigerian author to have his work (thoughts from his books) shown on BRT TV daily, 2018




a. Book writing training for 1 month at 810$

b. Editing & proofreading services for 4cents per word

c. Book marketing & distribution strategies for 1 month at 780$

d. Ghostwriting for 12 cents per word

e. Public speaking training for 1 month at 840$

f. Book review for 54$ per review

g. Typesetting & pagination for 2$ per page

h. Cover designing for 40$

Books Written by Iziaq


a. Success through positive courage, 2011

b. Positive thinking generates wealth, 2013

c. The power of positive stubbornness, 2014

d. The uncommon greatness guide, 2015

e. Standout employee, 2016

f. The maximum achievement spectrum, 2017

g. 303 silent seminars, 2019




Iziaq - Book Writing, Editing & Marketing Training, Public Speaking, Designing

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