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�The first thing that comes to mind upon seeing this book,is  the title - just like clay.
It was never intended to title the book so, but fate seemed so bent on having it�s way.
Clay, is a natural creative entity or component. It�s ability to be transformed into almost anything and it�s elasticity, is simply pure magic.
Poetry, likewise is the beauty of creativity and arts. Poetry can be used as a tool for emotional, mental, psychological and socio- educative advancement.
A poet as such has the ability to mould his words into the perfect poem hence the seeming resemblance to clay.

The beautiful thing about this project, is the fact that the author assembled a beautiful team of natural and distinctive bards, who spared no magic in the creation of this masterpiece.
And so really, in all it�s essence and relevance, poetry is indeed JUST LIKE CLAY.�

Just Like Clay - Dust Jacket

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