About the Book


La Gioconda is a boozy, rock and roll love story about a Canadian college student who meets a beautiful young exchange student from France and their unexpected immediate connection as they're surrounded by a whirlwind of marijuana sex-jaunts and live-band, late-night drunk loving. Both sad and beautiful, desperate and raunchy, and jam-packed with humour, La Gioconda is written in Nesca's unique free-flow-lyric, with words, ideas and sentences that go on for pages, alive and beautiful and unfettered by conventional modes of writing.


“Nesca writes in a rollicking, free-flowing style. The sentences are often long and rambling but uncluttered. It goes well with the vibe of "La Gioconda", of freedom and living in the moment and grabbing what life presents you with. Nesca has written a short, sharp gem of a book that truly represents the gritty and the urban”

- Matthew Firth,Front & Centre Magazine Black Bile Press


About the Author


Tony Nesca was born in Torino, Italy in 1965 and moved to Canada at the age of three. He was raised in Winnipeg but relocated back to Italy several times until finally settling in Winnipeg in 1980. He taught himself how to play guitar and formed an original rock band playing the local bars for several years. At the age of twenty-seven he traded his guitar for a Commodore 64 and started writing seriously. He has published six chapbooks of stories and poems (which he used to sell straight out of his knapsack at local dives and bookstores), six novels, four books of poetry, one short story collection, and has been an active contributor to the underground lit scene for fifteen years, being published in innumerable magazines both online and in print. He currently resides in Winnipeg.

La Gioconda

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