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This book is a mirror of authors motherhood and work with a children, so there we can see primordial connection of mother and child. The book has three periods. The first period is about mother- child relation, but from the view of a child. Love  as a theme ,which is true and expressed by words, but also secret love as we can only find in poems. Mother is someone who loves, cares, worries and gives advices, someone who is idol and support. These poems are full of humor and they are about school, friends and school sympathy. The second cycle is named �Forest school�. These poems are very similar to the fable. On her promotion critics said that her poems are similar to Aesops writings. These poems are very educational for big and small children. They teach us that bravery is not seen in strength than in intelligence and courage, that real vaules are health and happiness,and that success is inevitable if we try and work hard.  This book teaches us to give a good treat to smaller than us, because they have a big heart. In these poems animals represent human characteristics and teach us some valuable lessons. Poems lead children through challenges, hopes and dreams.  Last poem cycle has a symbolic name �Life songs�. These poems teaches us about virtues and characteristics which we should learn our children so that they enjoy and succeed in life.
This book had a great success, critics and it is defined and written for authors most valuable readers- the youngest ones. It has twenty-six poems and some illustrations which were made by the author. Themes and ideas in this book are the greatest recommendation.

Little Vasa fell in L ove

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