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Story about young man living in a small town that gets a unique opportunity to start a job that will lead him to places beyond his imagination. He starts his job in remote Forest cabin where he meets Michael who guides him in his new role as a creator of small worlds that are lined up one by one in huge corridor. Michael and rest of purchasers were exploiting his ability to make worlds and after a fight he is silenced and paid not to reveal anything about them again. Main character starts fading away and   his emotions turn in to difficult physical turmoil. This led him to Mia that acted at first as his guide to polish up his   true forces. Journey he undertook lead him through gates of Heaven and back when he managed to contain his forces    and create network for all to use. He discovered his hidden identity and true origin.

Man with a Fisherman Hat

SKU: 9789357873321
  • Milan Kajtuz
  • All items are non returnable and non refundable
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