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Michael does live by himself since he moved out of his parents? house, he moved to VA to chase his own dream to become a chef, he is so excited to be a chef, then Michael is in freshman year of college and Anastasia is in freshman year of University of Virginia and he loves to hang out with friends and family, he would make time to visit his family in DC and visit his friends too. Michael is very sweet and funny, he found out that his mom Katie has brain cancer, Michael tried to make time for his mom, it was really hard for him. Anastasia loves to make coffee but she does write books like journalism and she does live with her 3 best friends then she works at a coffee shop and she met an amazing guy, she went through her toxic relationship, she was really scared to get into a new relationship but prove her wrong. Michael met Anastasia at a coffee shop since Anastasia has a job there and get know her then hang out with her? Anastasia helps him to go through with Michael?s mom?s death. 
?Dance with me?? I smile softly as I start dancing with Anastasia. Anastasia laughs softly as she nodded and she starts dancing with me and she says, ?I think I have something to tell you.? ?Me too.? I sigh deeply as I look at Anastasia in her eyes and I say, ?But I don?t know if you would have the same feelings for me.? 
?Talk to me.? Anastasia raises her eyebrows in confusion as she looks at me with a worried look. ?Well? I do have feelings for you, I do really like you a lot, but I want to say I love you?? I look at Anastasia as I sigh deeply and I say, ?Maybe you don?t?? 
?Mike?? Anastasia smiles softly and she says, ?I do love you too? I know I do have feelings for you and my feelings are so strong for you? I am falling in love with you.? What will happen to them? How will their relationship work in their college life and their future? Will their future become better? Read and find out!

Meant to be Loved - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15084103
  • Paperback

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