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Betrayal hurts, especially when committed by those we love the most. Kez is devastated when she finds out the lengths of her mom's betrayal, and is shattered by her father's passivity before his spouse's crimes.
Blamed as an accomplice by her mom's relatives, isolated in spiraling depression and financially broke, Kez needs to find a job, pay her bills, pay the bank, and get out of her mom's house as soon as possible.
As she fights back the legacy of carelessness from those who are supposed to love her
unconditionally, she must make the ultimate decision: she will either sacrifice all she has achieved in Germany, abandoning the life she had built away from all this mess, or return to look after her father in
his last days. Her decision has the potential to destroy her.
The aftermath has the power of ripping her away from her family. once and for all.


SKU: 9789357701693
  • Kezia Kos
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