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"In the poems Musings, Values, Virtues And Vices Of Africa And
Beyond, the poets engage the reader in intricate, intimate, and
subtle questions about love and loathing, faith, and grief, Africa and
beyond, climate change, and change of heart, feminism, and the
trammels of patriarchy and society. I am primarily
impressed with the bravery, sincerity, charity, and charm with which
they excavate, tackle, and illuminate these issues. This is a rare,
rewarding, reverberating, and relevant book that deserves to be
read, devoured, and cherished for future generations~ Ndaba
Sibanda, the author of The Immigrant With A Difference,
Timebomb, and Cabinet Meetings. A confronting read which
captures a continent’s frustrations. the book mourns
the death of our values and virtues which have been hounded out
repeatedly by the vices we wear without any vestige of shame. the
poems are like bayonets, raw and unapologetic—Nate Gwenambira,
author of Breakfast with Death.
The poets give you an insider’s view of the complexities
surrounding the African life in politics, love, marriage, genders,
feminism, patriarchy, marriage, and society as a whole. Using subtle
humor, they regale you with serious questions, light moments, the
great and not-so-great parts about the African experience, and what
it is like beyond."

Musings: Values, Virtues and Vices of Africa and Beyond

  • Maina Wahome, Wahu Kimani Maurine, Okechwuku Chidoluo Vitus
  • All items are non returnable and non refundable
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