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Nataraj, an avatar of Shiva represents how we can conquer our ignorance and ego to achieve moksha or liberation from the cycle of birth and death. There comes a time when people get attracted to evil which comes in the form of everything that’s positive and good. This is their ignorance. So from time to time Nataraj appears to make them get rid of that ignorance and show the path to moksha. The city of Suki Nagar has degraded a lot since ACP Abhay took charge. The cases of illegal drug usage and crimes had increased at a rapid rate. 


The only hope is the Nataraj temple and its authorities who are doing lot of philanthropic activities in the city and trying to bring spirituality back in the life of the residents.  Vicky a specially abled man in his twenties is looking for a job when his friend Prashant, an investigative journalist, asks him to create a blog that will report on crime activities even before they happened. He promised to provide all the information to help him start the blog. Will the blog help the police forces to stop the crimes from happening? Will ACP Abhay be able to find the source behind the supply of drugs in the city? Will the Nataraj temple devotees be able to change the mindset of the people?

Nataraj: The Shiva within us

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