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When sinister smiles appear on the faces of demigods standing at the entrance of Aegina, a small, less-known but prosperous and superbly governed city-state of ancient Greece, its sagacious governor Nefelius, young and unassuming, unanimously agreed upon to be its superhero, apprehends evil days to befall the residents. In conjunction with his close confidants he must be able to show the way to his people to counter the evil forces. He, along with his closest companion, Arcadius, seems all set to do so but a twin curse afflicts him, keeps him disabled and renders him helpless both in private life and in public duties. Will he be able to defeat the curses, restore his private life to its previous bliss while his ingenious articulation of disability and empowerment in the public realm enables Aegina to lay down the foundations of a unique though short-lived experiment in human history? 

Nefeli (And) Us

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