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"Nene’s Prose is composed of twelve essays written by Ancel Mondia. 

P.O.W.E.R. highlights wishes on a twenty-seventh birthday.

L.I.V.E. divulges coping ways on mental health struggles.

Isms tackles discrimination that ought to be changed.

SCAR states the ways of dealing with physical defects.

Insecurities discusses the things that lead to conquering oneself.

Toxicity shares outlooks on work experiences.

Illuminating and Ultimate Gray summarizes one’s year 2021.

Beauty indicates the concepts of being beautiful.

Fallacies emphasizes the realizations on lack of logic.

Life Lessons imparts wisdom about existence.

Protect the Earth, Protect Our Lives discloses environmental views.

Versus expresses a stance on the oppositions of humanity."

Nene's Prose

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