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Born and brought up in London, Nandini returns to India to her grandparent’s house in north Kolkata. While her father was a Bengali, her mother was a Brit and she had never been to India before. Her parents disconnected with her paternal grandparents at the time of her birth who longed to see their only grand daughter for years.

A fatal accident in London causes the death of both her parents and as per legal norms Nandini, a fourteen year old needs to return to Kolkata to be brought under the custody of her grandparents.

Life takes a new turn in Kolkata when she discovers the rich culture and the rituals in a traditional Bengali family, not to mention the food, and listen to her grand mother’s stories every night. She discovers a new world altogether with a stark contrast to the one she previously experienced in her past fourteen years in London with her parents hardly sparing any time for her. As she grows up to study her masters in Kolkata, gets a job, falls in love and settles there, she finds that there is something unusual and striking which keeps her bound to the soil of her origin. Is it the love, warmth and the cosy ness or is it the city itself, where every thing is coated with a bit of “extra sweetness”?

Ogo Bideshni Welcome to my land

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