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Onyeche�s _One Hundred Aphorisms of Life_ is a collected assortment of shrewd dictums of life and knowledge, warily written in simple but deep language for the understanding of readers at all levels. It is an insightful version of the written word. I  recommend the book to all literate people around the world.
- *Wellington Nwogu, Ph.D.,* 
Poet Laureate and author of _Well of Wisdom._
One Hundred Aphorisms is a brilliant book endowed with metaphysical, philosophical, and proverbial aesthetics. Embellished with instructive, motivational, and didactic theories of life that are medicinal to the mind and uplifting to the soul. The quotes are meticulously crafted with simple and enthralling diction, woven to motivate, educate and inspire. �It is an embodiment of divine wisdom, wit, �knowledge, and experiences that life has painfully taught the writer; no wonder he says "Experience is not plucked from the tree or dropped from the sky. The pain that couldn't kill you, the river that couldn't drown you, and the destructions that couldn't mar you, build a reservoir of experiences within you".  In the pages of this book, you will find transformation, joy, courage, ideas, and the essence of your existence. 
Samuel Onyeche
Port Harcourt, Nigeria 2023

One Hundred Aphorisms of Life

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