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Child bride at the age of 12, marrying off Tala is legal and accepted in the Mezati tribe. Mahalia thought that she made the right decision of choosing Limuel, her godson, to be her daughter�s husband. This is the only solution she could think of to protect Tala from living a hellish life with Bayani and the whole Eskaya tribe. All Limuel could do is to carry the responsibility of protecting Tala as well as his mother and brothers. In exchange for his marriage is a better life for them and him as well, yet he felt halfhearted with his decision, only the love and respect he felt for his family purified his intention. Unbeknownst to the elders who plot this agenda, their logical solution to a problem gave way to a more serious repercussion in the future of the young lives that are affected by their past decisions. It will be in Tala�s hands to decide whether to continue being tied up in a marriage that she was too young to consent to or claim the freedom that she deserves by breaking her heart into two. Tala�s dream is quite naive and simple, for a prince to love her truly but her mother�s wish is for her daughter to find a blessed love that will make her happy.   Destiny can be playful though, challenging Tala�s principles every step of the way. From an innocent child to a lovely woman, she must rely on her mother�s love and faith to empower herself in making the right choice. Will she be with Bayani who is only obligated by blood to love her, Limuel whose obligation to love her came from a piece of paper, Nimuel, who claimed that, �Being around you is a torture to me!� Or Rhailey, a real prince looking for a princess to marry?

Princess Tala and Prince Uncharming

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