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Lost in the crossways of finding their normalcy together, Kate Parker and James Taylor find themselves sinking into the pit roaring the flames giving birth to the rise of chaos that is yet to befall on them. Secrets soon start unravelling as their freshman year nears to an end, as they find their bianthromorphic physiologies rapidly progressing, the closer they get to finding the reason behind their selection of being the only two surviving Bianthromorphs, and the person behind it all, using the Samuels brothers as a decoy all along. The more they discover about the Cult, the larger the risks get as they continue rebelling against the chances for joining the hands of their Creator, in the being the prime examples of the specimen ensuring the conquest of mankind in the next forced stage of evolution, to create Utopia. Life wasn’t supposed to be fair and certainly not for this pair, as the doom of uncertainty starts enveloping them and driving their lives further away from the certainty they crave, they discover the shadow holding the Reigns of The Cult, along with known hands of support.

Reigns of Utopia: Sequel to 'Trial of Identity'

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    No. of Pages: 442

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