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When chaos reduces your world to rubble, how do you find zen?
Zella Rune, finds herself in a world split down the middle by forced evolution. The CULT in their madness to leave behind Human weaknesses merged Human genomes with animals, giving birth to the anthromorphs. This "superior" species finds itself on the front lines of a battle against humanity, a battle of dominance over earth.
But what happens when the marginalised begin to marginalise? As Zella treads a dangerous tightrope between the anthromorphs and the humans, she must learn to make peace with her true identity. So when tensions between the two species hit an all-time high. Zella must learn how to trust and begin to pick up the pieces that will help her forge her own Utopia.

Reigns Of Utopia: War Of Evolution - 1 (US Edition)

  • Elsie Swain
  • All items are non returnable and non refundable
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