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"Rendezvous with Life" is a tribute to the resilience of human spirit, a beacon of light to guide us through the trials and tribulations that we face. It celebrates the art of living, reminding us to savour the present and embrace the transformative power of our victories and our downfalls. In each poem, the poet invites you to wander through the intricate labyrinth of thoughts, feelings, and experiences that define us as an individual. From the depths of despair to the soaring heights of hope, the words dance with eloquence and grace. With vivid imagery, the poet captures the ephemeral beauty imbued in the simplest of moments - These words breathe life into the canvas of emotions, inviting you to find solace, inspiration, and connection within. Allow the poems of "Rendezvous with Life" to envelop you in their embrace, guiding you on a transformative and soulstirring journey.

Rendezvous with Life

  • Devika Das
  • All items are non returnable and non refundable
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