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“Resurrection Bridge” is a gripping and emotional tale of redemption and forgiveness. Paul and his wife embark on an adventure with their cherished daughter, Lhein, in their blue Toyota Innova, unaware that their path would lead to the haunted Resurrection Bridge, where their deepest regrets lie. Confronting past mistakes and seeking redemption, they are touched by a mysterious encounter when Lhein’s voice takes on an otherworldly grace, expressing love and urging her mother not to let her slip away again. Amidst confusion and tears, they discover the significance of their blood-colored Toyota Innova and experience a moment of revelation where the past intertwines with the present, offering hope and healing. Adrian B. Verano’s narrative explores guilt, forgiveness, and the power of redemption, leaving readers captivated until the final page. It’s a poignant tale of personal growth and the profound love that transcends time and circumstances.

Resurrection Bridge

  • Adrian B. Verano

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