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In his collection of short stories, author Yugel Losorata permits us to own his stories after we?ve read them using our own prism to understand, to appreciate, to be beguiled by his imagineered literary creations.
He wrote this collection of 18 stories while finishing a novel, taking care of a family amidst an egregious pandemic, and perhaps missing performing with his band songs about love, loss, heartbreak, dreams and foibles.
Rhythm and Bruise opens with ?Open 25 Years,? a gripping story based on a fire that burned a nightclub where over a hundred people perished ? because the door was closed. 
?Two Letters? is about a father, a son, and a president of a country.
?True or False? is about the rabid religiousness of a believer-wife, a dead husband, an old friend and a charismatic cult leader. 
?The Band That Never Was? is a tale about a college band, a potential hit song, a manager with the ?freakish smile? who had the drummer rolled out of the band and someone gets killed. 
 ?Forty Days? is about two people who met at a hospital and got into a conversation and went separate ways to attend two separate 40-day rituals. 
These are just a few of the fictional short stories in the collection ? created and bred in the mind of Yugel Losorata.
Fictional but always personal.
Find your rhythm and get bruised. Maybe and just maybe, you will stop for a while and live ? and begin to thrive.
The Philippines? King Of Talk

Rhythm & Bruise - Dust Jacket

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  • Yugel Losorata
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