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With over thirty-three (33) years of professional writing/editing experience, Rowena has worked with small presses across the U.S. throughout her career to ensure the publications meet proper cover design and typesetting qualifications.


Rowena is also an award-winning author of ten books and owned and operated a successful publishing business for ten (10) years. She volunteers for Learning Ally as an audiobook recording artist and is herself a recording artist for Audible books.


Her academic qualifications include a B.S. in Business Management and an M.S. in Computer Sciences with 16 credits shy of a doctorate in natural medicine.


Sarah is our co-author for the first Learning and Development Reference Guide under our Academy, titled, The Writer’s Bible




a. Book Writing for $20 per page

b. Editing & Proofreading for 5 cents per word

c. Book Reviewing for 3 cents per word

d. Typesetting and Pagination for $3 per page

e. Cover Designing (Digital or Hand Drawn) for $300


Please check out a few sample Covers for Rowena's titles.


Links to Rowena's Titles


a. Blind Faith


b. Spirians The Beginning


c. Union: Khalen's Mate


d. Illusions: Ian's Challenge


e. Protected: Gifted Healer


f. Aeon Pneuma: Avel's Promise


g. Shifter: Zebastian's Curse


h. Legend: Skye's Destiny


i. Fealty: Shadow Angel




United States of America

Rowena - Editing, Reviewing, Typesetting, Cover Designing

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