From the thrilling ride of going through multiple stages of dating to being proposed after barely a week. Join Shi Hui as she brings you through a series of modern-day dating. Meet Noah, the crazy emotional train wreck; Caleb, the charismatic hunk; Derek, the overly-possessive part-time boyfriend and more. Inspired by the stories of my earlier dating adventures, Speed Dating The story of dating 10 guys in 3 months, is a collection of failed dates throughout her lifetime or in this situation, 3 months, I was a late bloomer but I learned quickly. This book is a collection of the insane stories that you�d share with your friends at the bar and then you laugh about it and move on. Yes� the stories of me. With a touch of humour, I bring to you � Speed Dating The story of dating 10 guys in 3 months.

Speed Dating - Paperback

SKU: NP1132
  • Paperback

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