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Hello passengers, It’s journey of heart that lost his virginity,the way he never want to lose. Like Sun, his journey of love& rage, care & share, pain & gain, from walk together towalk away alone, from missing smile to the flying sound alsorise up from East and set in West. The beauty of Rainbow inthunder storm and downpour keeps him alive to sleep for newnights. And beauty of Moon bow in frightful nightmares helpshim to wake up in new dawn. This journey of author hasnever been reached to its destination, but the places chosenby destiny before destination are more precious like jewel ofmoments.


So, author archived all missing moments of life with mysteryin poetry to make his poetry immortal. So please take seatin the Train Story, and give space to yourself, with innerpeace to find out the Black Hole of your heart and Rejuvenate- Repollinate your heart by Kintsugi (the art of preciousscars) to help your train to reach in your yard. The authorwill always Be With You in the journey of train as guard,and never ever let you fall down anytime, anywhere. Authoralso acknowledges your patience and appreciates you, to bethere standing strong to be alone and never give up in anycircumstances. You are my best passenger, bravo.Thank you.

Spell of Love: Feelings of a Frozen Heart

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    No. of Pages: 75

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