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What happens when Rahul, Neha and Juhi, caught in a sudden storm, seek shelter in a bungalow with seven pillars destroyed by the tsunami years ago? Can Kuttu save his mango tree when his father is forced to sell it to the village carpenter because of drought? What does peace-loving booa-dadi do when confronted by four lively kittens? Are Chumki and Bobo able to hold on to a dog named Rocky when he walks into their lives out of the blue? How does the visit of a stranger affect a small town where people have lost their jobs because of the advent of computers? Does Munna manage to find Bholu, a stray pup that he had picked up from the dustbin and loved more than himself? What is so special about the violin that Mohan chacha keeps in his village store? How does an unexpected train journey help Sumit to shake off his growing pains and come to terms with reality and life? How do a group of school friends help a budding rock singer get back to his groove?
Read about all these people and their roller-coaster ride through the varied moods and moments of life.
(197 words)

Stories For A Summer Noon

SKU: 9789356458260
  • Swapna Dutta
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