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Tamikio is an expert editorial consultant with over ten (10) years of rich experience in interviewing authors, editing scripts, advertising work’s work and providing much needed exposure to authors on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


She is specialised in helping first time authors write their book and guide them with proper marketing skills and techniques to reach their target audience.




a. Ghostwriting for 200$

b. Editing and Proofreading ranging between 300$

c. Marketing and Distribution Consulting Strategies for 15$

d. Book Reviewing for 15$

e. Digital Marketing for 10$

f. Cover Design for 40$

g. Book or Author Website Development for 50$


Links to Tamikio’s Titles


a. Dawn of the Walkers


b. The Red Rose Killer


c. Cruel Intentions


d. Secrets of the Darkness


e. Cries of the Echo


f. The Frankie Jackson Story




United States of America

Tamikio - Editing, Ghostwriting, Reviewing, Branding, Interviewing

SKU: C0004
    1. Clients may book their respective consultants by placing their booking order for 5$
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    5. The client may keep Ukiyoto in the loop ( for all communications with the Consultant to foresee the quality of services delivered

    6. Clients are requested to provide a feedback on their Consultant post service delivery

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    3. The Booking Amount paid is non-refundable unless of course, the service does not begin due to non-availability of the Consultant or in case of an emergency. Services once booked cannot be cancelled by the Client on any account.

    4. Feel free to write to for any clarifications

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