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The Chrono-Repairmen are three months into their 6 month training program designed by Colonel Rajveer when Masha Kowalczyk informs them about a matter of emergency. The breach in the timeline from 1192 has suddenly increased in speed and is going to catch up to their present in less than a week. In order to look for clues regarding Krenn Klore's activities, the group tracks down his bunker containing the time machine, only to find out that it had been set on fire and its interior is burned to a crisp. However, they find a pile of miscellaneous items under a cloth, unaffected by the fire which includes a mysterious robe and a gold mask designed to look like a spiral. They travel back to the past in 1192 and discover the mask and robe belong to a mysterious cult calling themselves "The Servants of the Oracle" who worship a mysterious deity. The cult has networks throughout Europe. Zerf Xerex attempts to infiltrate a secret cult base alone only to be captured by the cult. With the burned remnants of a scroll being their only lead, the Chrono-Repairmen are forced to split up throughout Europe to look for Zerf Xerex and uncover a sinister plot. The Servants of the Oracle have developed a biological weapon, and plan to spread deadly disease in many parts of the world with their most prominent target being the meeting between King Richard the First and Saladin. The attack would occur when the two kings are discussing the terms of the Treaty of Jaffa which would end the third Crusade.

The Chrono-Repairmen: A purge of false gods

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  • Rito Chatterjee
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