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�The Essence of Ganga� is not just a biography but a way to narrate what happens when you show trust in the supreme power and how it brings the universe together to make things happen for you. This book showcases how faith can lead to miracles and how these miracles can be further used to help others. Anybody can be successful in life, but how you act towards society when you reach the top will decide if your life is meaningful or not. Very few people choose to give back to the universe when they are successful. The majority would just aspire to earn more for their own luxury, but a rare few, such as Mandakini, will spend their life making a difference in the lives of others.
�A kaleidoscope of a deeply inspiring life - lived in the true spirit of service to  mankind. Like the Ganga, this splendid book narrates the ever flowing and enchanting experiences of Mandakini�s journey. An ideal read for anyone looking to discover life�s purpose.� 
- Maj Gen(Dr) Jagtar Singh,VSM, 
former Addl Director General Armed Forces Medical Services

The Essence Of Ganga

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