Hey, this is Viola. Thank you so much for holding my book and reading it till the end. I started blogging since 2007. In order to create a clearer insight of my life, I decided to compile a series of my best blog posts from year 2007. This story is not coming to an end yet because I still have a lot to share with you. You want to know more about ���That Little Girl�۝ and her journey? Do you want to see how she has progressed in her life? Then you really got to stick with me till the end. For this first book of mine, I would love to first thank myself for having the courage to publish my won stories. My mom is also the core to why I enjoyed writing so much. To my husband and baby girl who have been supporting me endlessly, this is for you! I can�۪t believe my imagination would land me in a place where I never thought I would be. We just have to keep believing! Looking forward to see you again! Loves, Viola

The Girl Who Cannot Be Moved - Paperback

SKU: NP1114
  • Paperback

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