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She was wearing a beautiful knee-length summer dress, and her loose hair was playing with the wind. She was standing alone in the middle of the road.Who was she? A gripping story of  love, suspense and fate
Arsh Sharma is a free-spirited person who happens to be a veterinarian. She is the Jill of all trades trying to master them too. She juggles between her job, home and two naughty daughters. She fell in love with words and books when she was at school. She inherited her writing genes from her mother and started writing at a very young age. 
She is passionate about dance, loves to experiment with food and is a die-hard fan of movies and cricket. She wants to travel around the world. 
She writes in various genres but horror is her favourite. She has one Children?s book 'Zingy the Zebra? and a couple of anthologies under her name. 
She is available @Arshkaplish on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Miraquill.

The Girl with Flowers - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15083917
  • Arsh Sharma
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