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The Gopher Wars is a trilogy that happens in the countryside far north of Toronto.
It takes place in an open field, where a little gopher named Chuck lives. One day a businessman called Peter Crowe finds the open field and wants to build a country club over it. The problem is that if he does the gopher will lose its home. As a result the gopher is forced to go to war against the humans in order to prevent its home from being destroyed.
Part two happens a few years later where the gopher Chuck is dead and his five offspring live in the open field. One day a Catholic elementary school is built over the front half of the field and is run by a bunch of really mean nuns. One day, a child is scaring one of the gophers and the gopher bites the student in order to defend itself. The nuns running the school are afraid that the gophers might have rabies or something. As a result they try to have the gophers killed off in order to protect their students. As a result the gopher family is forced to go to war with the humans again in order to prevent themselves from being destroyed.
Part three happens a year later. Where the gopher family lives in peace in the open field. One day a family of evil gophers moves in and wants the open field for themselves. Which results in a power struggle between the two families for control of the open field.

The Gopher Wars

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  • Mandela Addah
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