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"“Google’s engineer who worked on AI recently resigned, Elon
Musk is showing concern, the fear is AI might destroy the world
if we do not regulate this development .”
Jefftech Solutions USA, Author of the Bestseller book, Publisher
and a Business development Consultant
“I n the depths of the digital world, lies a secret that’s yet to be unfurled,
a dark and dangerous truth concealed, that may leave you trembling
for in the heart of artificial intelligence, lies a power that’s beyond our
comprehension, a force that’s both malevolent and divine.”
— Ask AI
“The Hidden Truth: A book that discusses the dangers, beauty and
secrets of artificial intelligence in detail through a poetic approach.
it raises critical questions of global concerns with regards to the
mechines of AI, softwares and other forms of artificial intelligence that
scientists are creating without considering its immediate and future
consequence on our fragile world. This book constructively analyzes
AI, and the catastrophe that will inevitably befall humanity if the scope
of It’s intelligence is not strickly regulated.This book is revolutionary in
that it exposes the deep secrets, with regards to artificial intelligence.”
— Samuel Onyeche
The Literary Scientist: Author of One Hundred Aphorisms of Life
and nine other powerful books, available on Amazon."

The Hidden Truth

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  • Samuel Onyeche, Ask AI
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