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The Karma is an intriguing and exciting fiction stories.  It is made up of three short fiction stories entitled; Jealous Murderer, Will to Kill, and Stab in the heart. Jealous murderer is about Tony in love with Shelly, a runaway from home. Tony murdered Shelly and dumped her in the Manchester river, because he was jealous thinking Shelly had found another lover. Water almost cleaned out the evidence if not for the brilliant job of the investigators that unravel the mystery behind Shelly's death. Will to kill features Esther from Brazil. She was from a very poor home doing prostitution to survive and feed her parents. Fortunately she was caught up by an American business who changed her story from poverty to wealth. But due to her so much greed she killed her American husband thinking she could inherits his wealth. The deceased mother spent three years hunting the suspect until she was found guilty of murder and sentenced to life in prison. And finally, stab in the heart features an Indian serial killer who because his father killed his dog, was transform overnight into a serial killer. His wife had trusted her life into his hand for love and protection, but after so many murders,  he at the end murdered his wife, then hung himself.

The Karma - Dust Jacket

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  • Bright Mills
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