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Celebrated author Bappaditya Morena arrives on a long holiday at quiet and quaint Daman, a sleepy town on the western coastline of India one summer many decades ago. He brings with himself the memory of a dormant but much-alive history of violence, exodus, exile and suffering, none of which can be overcome by Mayurakshi Gupta, emerging into her own as an author out of the shadow of her mentor Morena. Love is inevitable between them, so is estrangement and bitterness, social awkwardness and emotional turbulence, and eventual sublimation and transcendence of it all. 

As literary craft and music fuse to take their love ahead, Mayurakshi discovers over decades the unlikely ways in which her mentor’s inspiration can weave magic for her. In addition to being a personal story of intimacy it is also a story of the history of the Seromon community to which Bappaditya belongs. The Last Gift is a story of intense intimacy, suppressed sexuality, turbulent memory, and restless desire, and the eventual victory of art and creativity over all else.

The Last Gift

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