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From Camarines Sur to Manila Julie De Vega, A teacher takes her vacation to get away from chaos causes of her boyfriend. In Manila, she meets Luigi Sandoval, her godmother?s only son who?s even though a quite good- looking has a lot of negative traits. Luigi?s certified a playboy, spendthrift, procrastinator and annoying he likes pissing her off and her patience being a teacher has been tested. Luigi is the kind of man, not in a million years Julie would fall for. Julie wonders why do women fall in love that bastard easily, but when Luigi starts treating her like an special woman in his life she does have a change of heart. He makes her forgets and unloved her boyfriend. Everything seems fine not until her boyfriend Mario comes back again and so she?s  torns between two lovers, whose hand she can still hold or and the one to let go.

The man who made me cheat - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15083609
  • Gemma Villanueva Ca?ete
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