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Love is the essence in Tran Quang Dao's poetry. His great and regretful love for his passed away mother. His deep love and dedication for his wife. And there are also moon and stars of romantic love for both the sky and the earth, especially for his poor countryside of Quang Binh, suffering from fierce sun and wind, but rich in gratitude. Tran Quang Dao's poetry is rich in images that are very close and dear to the Vietnamese people's traditions, and is also impressive to the world readers with his unique way of thinking and radically renewed poetic form. Reading his poems, we escape from the burden of suffering, are lifted up to the sky by the wings of intense and eternal love...
(Writer Kieu Bich Hau)

The Moon Ring - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15083401
  • Tran Quang Dao
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