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Birthplace, the place where one is born and takes form among their family, friends and relatives.  Unfortunately, given various reasons such as war, injustice, and oppression�people are unable to continue their lives in their birthplace.  In order to have a fresh start, they may embark on a journey to a new land far from their birthplace.  This is a story about a middle aged woman and the princess of the Gayana Kingdom.  The middle aged woman saves the princess who is the only heir of the Gayana Kingdom and goes on a journey towards a new land for starting a brand new life.  The love that the middle aged woman has for the princess pushes away all the difficulties of the journey.  On their journey to a new land, she meets with the occupants from the world of the living and dead.  The middle aged woman finds joy with their happiness and heartache with their sorrow.  Mother nature along with the magical powers of witches assist the middle aged woman and the princess with not only standing up against the powers of the wicked witch but also with getting to the new land.

The New Land

SKU: 9789356973831
  • Hermina Minasian
  • All items are non returnable and non refundable
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