Having a bad past always ends your future. Worse yet, your future is filled with problems. Harley Davidson, married to a billionaire who is a monster she didn�t know with a past that is chasing her, she is going through a lot. 

 �How many men have used your pussy?� He said and I felt my heart spread shocks over my organs.  Matthew Perry, the youngest billionaire in the world � His lust for money is more than anything. Nothing will ever stop him from getting what he wants.  

�He was living my life. He stole my mother�s love, my money, my everything. And what did I get at the end? Nothing, I was losing my control.� Xavier Knight said, Matthew�s brother and the past of Harley.

�I don�t remember anything but for one damn sure thing, this is my fault.� Guilt was eating me alive. 

What will happen if Xavier Knight returns? What if he loves her? Will she forgive him and fall for him?   


WARNING NOTE: This book contains smut scene, violence, rape, etc. Read at your own risk. 18+

The Past and our Love - Paperback

SKU: DC2201
  • Paperback

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