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?It is a case befitting Rudransh Ray?
The lull of Kolkata was shattered when a night patrol man discovered a dead body in the middle of the night. The offender had used a cricket bat to smash the skull of his victim. But what made everyone shriek in horror was a post-mortem operation. The dead body had been ripped apart, from the throat to the navel. The killer had not stopped at that, he had yanked out the internal organs from the body and tossed them aside for the world to see. 
Now, the onus was on criminologist Rudransh Ray to find the offender before more bodies surfaced. But as the investigation proceeded and information began to pile up, Ray found himself chasing a killer who killed for a reason, and ripped his victims for pleasure.   
When the leads failed to reveal the face of The Ripper, a young man came banging at Ray?s door, claiming to dream about a murder similar to the one Ray had been hired to investigate. Only, the murder location and the victim in the dream were different.

The Ripper - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG15082848
  • Anasua Ghosh
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