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�This Is How It Goes� is a collection of inspiring poems and expressive quotes that
beautifully capture the essence of love in its myriad forms. Everyone craves a chance
at love, even if they tell themselves they don�t believe in it anymore.
From the exhilarating rush of a first meeting to the lingering doubts of a happily
ever after, each piece portrays the various stages of falling in love. These musings
talk about that first moment of connection, that subtle magic as a new love unfolds,
the whirlwind of adventures and spontaneous escapades, the blissful mornings and
the brooding midnights, the heated arguments and tender kisses, and the whispers
of a story worth telling. Yet, we all know, amidst this euphoria there are shards of
regrets and painful experiences. Doubts linger, are these magical moments forever
or fleeting?
Enter the world of magic, heartbreak, healing, and love in all its complexity.

This Is How It Goes

  • Pooja Amritkar
  • All items are non returnable and non refundable
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