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God is the best of planners' 'She was a little star, Shining even in the darkest times. Oh, how beautiful she was!' 'The memories hurt me Daddy. You took a part of me when you left. I am not myself anymore. Daddy, the only thing that remains now is my broken heart and silent tears.' 'I have to say I love the moral of your recent novelette, Remember me? I was wondering, it's indeed true. People do things which lead them to regret later. Time is unpredictable. No one can say what will happen to the people we love. We say things and don't care. Then we regret over it later. I had seen you were speaking about publishing it. Go for it. People has to know about this. It really hurts.' - Author of 'The Blue Eyes' 'Wow, Quite intriguing.' 'Woah it's motivating' - Words from the readers A book with two short stories that will touch you emotionally. Enjoy this piece of art.

This May Hurt

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  • Paperback
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