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There are only two types of races which humans are divided into; The Sanctified, who enjoy the normal flow of life, and The Damned, who manifest special abilities the more unstable they are. In a society where being different is a sin, both races are deemed to live apart, one in the city and one in the outskirts, prohibited to meddle with each others' affairs. However, when Melanie, a young lady from a Sanctified family, manifested inhumane abilities, it caused a great disturbance in the norm and as a result, she was exiled to the outskirts where they thought she belongs.

Will this Sanctified-born girl perish in this downfall? Or will she survive and turn the tables in her favor?

"Are you willing to risk your sanity in exchange for powers?"

University of the Damned

SKU: SP1202
$17.00 Regular Price
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  • Paperback

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