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This book was inspired by one of our pillow talk moments with my son, Sandro. Sandro at 5 years old, randomly sang this phrase out loud, 
�The sun and the moon like to stay together
but they can�t stay together all the time. 
But they have a good time in the sunset.�
Watching sunsets as it unfolds each day can be symbolic. The reason for each hold its own purpose at some point in life. I find that sunsets enhances my lasting satisfaction of life. The colors, the hues and vibrance is one of the reasons why I see its beauty. Everyday is different but still beautiful in its own way. 
Lesson on the days of the week and the colors of the sky are introduced. Underneath it all is the essence of the story. It is about the Power of Positive Communication & Emotional Regulation. To choose to respond healthy vs to react violently to avoid causing harm to others especially to those you love. 
Hope this book inspires you to see the meaning of a sunset in your life, to live, to learn and to love.

What The Sun Says To The Moon

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  • Anna Katrina Velilla-Milan
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