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You Are Not Alone is about giving people hope through the word of God. The author realises that every human has to go through some difficulties in life and sometimes failing to find hope, end up giving up or committing suicide. This book is to encourage people like them to state that there is still hope and God is in control. It encourages every human being to be there for each other and counsel one another through the word of God. The author encourages every member in the church, the church itself, senior ladies in the church and Pastors not only to think for themselves, but to be aware of the people around them and find best way to help them. He also mentions few of the problems that need counselling such as grief, hurt and peer pressure . As the book is for individuals who seek hope, it is therefore for Christian counsellors as well, along with believers and the church. It teaches how to counsel and who can counsel.


About the Author


Daniel Mugaviri was born in Masvingo Zimbabwe and is currently staying in Cape Town South Africa with his family. He studied Theology from different Institutions such as BTCP SA, Global Bible College, Great Commission Bible College - USA and Trinity Graduate School of Theology and Apologetics – India. He is now doing Doctorate of Apologetics (D.Apol) with TGSAT. He is the founder of Charity Organisation called You Are Not Alone Africa. He devoted his life now in helping homeless people with food and clothes, helping orphans and elderly people. He likes reading and writing. His next two books are called An Apologist and Danny the Gardener (fiction).

You Are Not Alone: Counselling in a Christian Context

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