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Although this book examines the culture of the people of ZHOA, it begins by highlighting the origin of the concept culture, its various definitions and its various characteristics. The book further reminds us of Africa being the mother of cultures. Talking about the rural culture of Zhoa, it should be noted that Zhoa is a small village found in Cameroon of the North West region within the Menchum division and is the headquarter of Fungom sub division. Zhoa is a good example of a rural African culture that is worth studying because, firstly it has not yet been too contaminated by foreign cultures due to its population and its strong attachment to ancestral symbols, rituals, values, heroes and cultural participations, and secondly Zhoa also witnesses many different cultures on its soil every year in its capacity as the seat of the Fungom sub division. This book therefore examines some basic concepts of culture such as its origin, its definitions, its spread, rituals, symbols, values, heroes and so on. The book is appropriate for entertainment, cultural awareness, the building of morals, socialization, trust, and so on. It is intended for students and cultural lovers.

Zhoa An African Visionaries Settlement - Dust Jacket

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  • Juluis Nang Kum