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What if the oxygen that you breath is not for keeping you alive but for killing you slowly?
What if you are being incubated in your "Mother's" womb on Earth to be born in a different planet later on?
What if you find out that you are the virus on Earth who is being eliminated now?

There are so many 'What if's to think of without a concrete answer!

Imagine yourself creating a movie with your own voice, having it streamed on Amazon or Netflix, winning film awards and having your film poster and your photo enlarged, printed and placed on a large well lit hoarding/bill board at a prime location in the heart of a metro city.

Write a short story with a vivid imagination of "What if" the mundane and ordinary things in life are not actually true and the reality is some thing else.

If your script is not ready, you may book your tickets now to block your ticket category and send your scripts latest by 31st May'20.


What happens post writing?

a. Your stories will be taken up for paperback and ebook publishing worldwide
b. You will be given an opportunity to create a DIY Audio book. You may record your own story and send that to us following our given specifications and we will reconstruct your audio in our studio to match Audible standards and populate on Amazon Audible, iTunes and others
c. Your story will have a screenplay developed and then made into a still-frame short film. You will be given particular "chosen" text from your script to record in your own voice and email us. Your audio will be reworked in our studio and then placed as different voices in the film. So in a way,
you will be making your own film. [The provision of sending your voice in this is though optional in case you are not comfortable with speaking or cannot record as per our given guidelines.i.e. without background noise etc.]
d. Your short film will be
pitched to Amazon Prime U.S., U.K., Germany, Japan and India and Netflix U.S. and India
e. Your short film will be applied for Film Awards and Screenings at film festivals as and when they happen over time
f. Post production, your film with all its
casts (voices and written content), credits, your photographs, your previous books (if you have written any) and movie banner will be printed on a large lit up hoarding/bill board in any of the metros in India for a week. This coverage is guaranteed and shall have all the authors' details irrespective of their voices being taken up in the film production. The hoarding print shall also be used for the promotion and feature of your previous/upcoming books (if any) you have written. We will intimate you about the location of the hoarding along with the photographs of the same and you may visit in person to check out or take selfies with your photos and books.


a. Paperback and eBook publication - Post 31st May'20
b. Audio Book Production - Post 31st May'20

c. Script Submission - 5th June'20
d. Short Film Production - By 30th June'20 post receiving all audio files
e. Pitching to Amazon Prime or Netflix - End June'20 onwards
f. Printing of Hoarding or Banner and its placement in a metro city - July/Aug (to allow maximum visibility post relaxation of COVID restrictions)
g. Pitching to Film Awards and special screenings - July'20 onwards

Submission Requirements

a. Content should be in English and between 1,000 and 4,000 words for both prose and poetry to be submitted in word format
b. Brief Author Profile in word format
c. High resolution photo which you think should be best to put up on a huge hoarding for public viewing and visibility.
d. All submissions are to be emailed to

What do Writers get?

a. Amazing chance to have their images and credits on a huge well lit hoarding/bill board and placed at a nice location in a metro city
Unique experience of creating a film themselves with their own voice in our studio and pitching them to Amazon and Netflix
c. Chance of producing a unique story and
getting published, distributed and promoted by us worldwide with an equal share of lifetime royalty
d. Chance of
creating your own audio book with modulations and rework done in our studio to match industry standards and place them on Amazon Audible, iTunes etc with individual royalty (no sharing among authors). This means getting the chance of being paid royalty twice once for the written title and second for the audio title.

Terms and Conditions

a. Participants can be from anywhere across the world with a minimum age limit of 12 years
b. All written and spoken content should be in English without any profanity or hurting any religious sentiments
c. Participation in producing audio book and providing voice over for short film is optional and all writers' photos or any of their books (which may not be published by us) would be displayed on the hoarding or banner irrespective of them providing their voices
d. All audio need to be recorded as per guidelines emailed by us post compilation of your submitted content. They are usually based on having a clear loud voice without any background noise.

For any queries feel free to write to us at

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