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Let your Art travel the World with Ukiyosk

"Artists are simple people with a complex mind" - Scottie Waves

Ukiyosk enables artists to submit their work and sell them on a global marketplace in the form of various merchandise, illustrations and covers.

We welcome original artwork, drawings, paintings, sketches, photography, crafts and others related for submission.

All themes are accepted for submission.


Who is it for?

Artists, Painters, Craftsmen, Photographers, Graphic Designers, Mural Artists, 3d Modellers, 3d Graphic designers and those related


Selected Art would be placed on Ukiyosk for global merchandising with royalty paid to Artists or Contributors per sale. Read about Ukiyosk in detail here.


Terms of Submission

a. All submission needs to be emailed in high resolution .jpeg or .png format (preferably in 2000x2000 pixels to with Subject as "Submission of Artwork". Multiple submissions are accepted.

b. The following need to be included in the submission email,

    i. Creator's Name

    ii. Creator's Country of Residence

   iii. Images of the artwork, creation or photograph in High Resolution taken without any unwanted background (such as wall, floor, table or anything else) in the frame

c. Submitted content shall be curated and creators shall be notified of their selection

d. Creators shall be provided with a Artist contract mentioning all relevant details

e. Content should be 100% original without copying or modifying any existing work. All copyright issues arising due to such activities shall be dealt with directly between the Creator and the concerned party and Ukiyoto shall have no role to play as a mediator

f. Once selected, there is no fee for listing the ARTWORK

For any queries feel free to email us at

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