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Collaborative Project in South Africa

Collaborative Project in South Africa

This is a collaborative project comprising fathers chosen in the given region in South Africa to express their views and thoughts on the daily community problems which need to be brought to light and spread awareness for the betterment of the society.

The project is spearheaded by Mr. Daniel Mugaviri and all submissions are to be made to him.



  • Some of the problems we are facing today in our communities, countries or continent such as child abuse, women abuse, terrorism, gangsters etc. are the results of the way we grew up. The presence of our fathers or their absence in our lives played big role in shaping how we are today
  • Through this book we can reduce crime, child and women abuse, terrorism and gangsters


Fathers – They may answer the following reference questions and are free to add further which they feel relevant,

  1. How was your childhood like?
  2. How was your relationship with your father?
  3. How your relationship with your father, either he was present or not affect or shape how you are today?
  4. What are the difficulties did you face as a child and how did you overcome them? What are good things did you learn through everything what you came across. 
  5. How is your relationship with your children now?
  6. Write a letter to your father, either he is alive or not letting him know how do you feel about him.

Key Takeaways for Participants

  • Get published in a title to be made available worldwide
  • Get featured in the published title with due recognition
  • Get a copy of the published book
  • Get a Participation Certificate


Online (South Africa)


September 3, 2019 at 6:30:00 PM


September 29, 2019 at 6:30:00 PM

Call Organiser

Terms and Conditions

  • All entries are to be mailed to
  • Contact Person: Daniel Mugaviri
  • Contact Number: +27785012049
Collaborative Project in South Africa
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