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Distributors and Wholesalers

Our publications speak Quality!

Both our authors as well as their scripts are carefully selected before starting the production process. We take care to manually check the content and design the covers in line with the storylines. As the scripts are original work of our authors, we believe in constant engagement with them to have them as major stakeholders and decision-makers in their projects. The recent introduction includes books and magazines integrated with technologies such as Augmented Reality to produce enhanced illustrations and enable the readers to visualize scenes or get connected to the author and his or her work by scanning the book pages with the camera of their mobile phones.

Our special rates for,

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are available for a minimum order of 30 Copies allowing high margins of upto 80% of the marked price.

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Theatre and Film Makers

We offer a platter of handpicked stories from various genres and diverse plots to all theatre artists, producers, agents, filmmakers, web series creators and directors to choose from. Each title is presented with the synopsis of the plot and the complete script can be emailed upon request for further processes.

We are open to adding or modifying the story plot in confidence with our authors and creators.


How to Choose?

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