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The book as soon as flowers bloom was written as the author was experiencing a fresh love after a heartbreak from an 8 year long relationship. However, the pieces are about the new love, instead of the old, symbolizing her new-found respect and freedom. It is divided into two parts?periwinkle and nerine. The first one is about the new found love, having seen it as it started until it bloomed over the years. The second one is about the things she could not incorporate in the first part, which included her inner thoughts, ramblings, and realizations.  This book is for teens and people in their mid-twenties experiencing the same thing. However, one of the author?s goals as well is to encourage people to love, as she is in love with the idea of love. She believes that we can run out of love to give but we can also replenish it through time and healing. She wants to tell people that we can be tired but we can get back out there again. Most importantly, she wants readers to feel the love that she felt while she was writing the pieces, and hopes that she can pass it on to them through her writing. 

As soon as flowers bloom - Dust Jacket

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